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We provide fine cabinet refacing with high-quality service and an end-result you’ll love. By doing this, you can transform your home. Not only that, but you can rest easy knowing you hired experts with excellent partners and a track record of overjoyed clients.

Reface Your Cabinets to Transform Your Kitchen

In essence, refacing is a great option for remodeling your kitchen because it’s a way of transforming your home. By refacing, you can do this without replacing the structural integrity of your kitchen and spending a lot of money on a completely new cabinetry set. By definition, refacing means we only replace the faces of the cabinets. Basically, all the doors, drawers, and panels are replaced.
At Fine Finish, We partner with top Los Angeles designers like Homecraft Cabinets to craft the cabinet components that will compliment your home best. From there, we take the new components to the Fine Finish and Refinish workshop to add the finish. Depending on the project, this can be paint, stain, glaze, lacquer, or a combination. Once completed, we re-install them to your home with as little intrusion as possible.

Cabinet Refacing Expertise

To start, our clients have loved our services for almost 2 decades. For the simple reason that, we focus on providing quality work for homes along with accommodating service. Furthermore, we’ve been doing this work in Santa Clarita for so long that we know what works well, what looks good, and how to take care of you during the process. In fact, we have many testimonials from customers who rave about the work we did on their home. This means, that by applying our expertise to your home, we understand exactly what clients expect and then we exceed those expectations consistently.

Marvin went above and beyond! He put in all the hard work for me and I’m ecstatic about it. My kitchen looks beautiful!

-Cathy Lorenze

Your Kitchen, Your Choice

With us, you decide whether you want to create a completely different look for your project, or if you’d like to save money but still revamp the look of your cabinetry. To explain, we are named Fine Finish & Refinish and we do refinishing very well, but we also provide excellent refacing services. In other words, refacing and refinishing are two different options for remodeling cabinets or other furniture and we are talented at both strategies. See our services page to learn about the key differences between refacing and refinishing


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